Quality Control

•Raw Material Inspection and Preparation
–Material Vendor Selection
–Radiation Detector, PMI
–Chemistry, Micro & Macro Metallurgy
•Process Control, Monitoring and Analysis
–Thoroughly Defects Removal before next Processing
–Hold points set up plan for special requirement
–Stringent control of Degreasing & Heat Treatment
–Real-time monitoring production flow by Shop Flow System
•Complete Quality Inspection
–Thorough Dimensional and Surface Inspection
–High Precision NDT Equipment (UT/ET/Hydraulic/PT)
–Chemical, Mechanical, Metallographic and Corrosion Testing

                              TESTING EQUIPMENTS

                                    Mechanical Properties Equipemtns

Hardness tester.jpg  Low temperatue impact tester.jpg  Tensile Tester.jpg

Hardness tester                                      Low temperature impact tester                  Tensile tester

Ultrasonic wave tester.jpg  Metallographic microscope.jpg  Three-dimensional measuring instrument.jpg

Ultrasonic wave tester                       Metallographic microscope                     Three-Dimensional meauring instrument

                           Chemical Composition and Corrosion Tester

Japanese RIGAKU XRF.jpg  German SPECTRO.jpg  Corrosion Test Methods.jpg

Japanese RIGAKU XRF                           German SPECTRO                              Corrosion Test

Corrosion Test Methods: ASTM G28 A practice; ASTM G48 A practice; ASTM A262 A practice,B practice,E practice.

Hand wet tester.jpg  C-S analyser.jpg  Penetrating tester.jpg utrasonic tester 02.jpg

Hand wet tester                                        C-S analyser                        Penetrating tester         large OD UT tester

                                    Technological Properties Tester

ultrasonic tester.jpg   et tester.jpg  hydrostatic testing.jpg

Ultrasonic tester                                      Eddy current tester                              Hydrostatic Test

endoscope.jpg  endoscope tester.jpg  INNER TESTER.jpg

Endoscopes' line


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