• www.ssm-pff.com ,an export and manufacturer for special materials pipes, tubes, fittings, materials including nickel-based alloy, austenitic, ferritic, duplex stainless steel
  • stainless steel seamless pipe,duplex stainless steel seamless tubes, nickel alloy, nickel base alloy seamless tube and pipe,butt-welding fitting, elbow, tee, cross, flange,valve.
  • Shangdun special materials co.,ltd is glable special alloy and stainless steel products company, which is international piping system material manufacturer and upplier, office located in Shanghai. In glable business, we have sucess to entrying North America, Europea, East Asia, Austrialia,Africa market.Our focus on natural gas transportation,offshore unit,chemical refining,nuclear power,shipbuilding,steel structure,machining and so on piping system engineering. 

We have strong resources integration, production and processing base are located in Shanghai and Jiangshu province, The factories in Shanghai and Jiangsu,which have vacuum smelting, non-vacuum smelting, horizontal continuous casting, forging, heat treatment and production lines advanced in the industry, and has international advanced technology and complete inspection means. Produces focus on : nickel base alloy,cobalt base alloy,iron base alloy,austenitic stainless steel,super austenitic stainless steel,duplex and super duplex stainless steel,high alloy material products; type are bars,pipes,tubes,fittings,flanges,which are widely used in metallurgy,cars,thermal power, nuclear power, petro-chemical, aviation and aerospace, rail transportation , paper industry,water industry and so on.

Material and size as follows: Nickel based Alloy : ASTM SB163, SB165, SB444, SB622, SB407, SB535, SB677, SB668, SB729,Inconel 600,601,625,670,690,718,X-750;Inconel 800,800H/HT,825,840,901,926,330,20;Hastelloy C-276
Super stainless steel: 904L,254MO
Duplex/Super Duplex UNS S31803,S32205,S32750,S32760, ASTM A/SA312, A/SA213, A/SA269, EN10216-5
Austenitic Pipe & Tube Standard:GOST9941-81, GOST5632-72 .ASTM/ASME A312/SA312, A269/SA269, ASTM A511, EN10216-5,DIN17458-85,DIN17456-85,JIS G3459,JISG3463,JISG3448,JISG3446,304,304L,316,316L,316Ti,310S,309S,321,321Ti,347

Oil and Gas
Cement and Minerals
Fertilizers and Petrochemicals
Metallurgy and cars industry
Mechanical industry
Wastewater Treatment and other water industry
paper industry,
aviation and aerospace
Transmission and rail transportation
thermal power and other power Generation 
nuclear power
Environmental and Safety

our strong supporting layer and our sales’ professional skills will help customers to supply efficient and timely packaged supporting serivces. We have some stock bars ,pipes, fittings .Our quality is always satisfied by our clients, we are strictly controling the whole production and testing. We will always adhere to the policy of
  • ASTM SB-366 N06625

    ASTM SB-366 N06625


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    ASME SB366/ASTM B366 Standard Specification for Factory-Made Wrought Nickel and Nickel Alloy Fittings
    Material Grade UNS N02200 /WPN/CRN UNS N02201 /WPNL/CRNL UNS N04400 /WPNC/CRNC UNS N06002 /WPHX/CR HX UNS N06007 /WPHG/CR HG
    UNS N06022 /WPHC22/CR HC22 UNS N06025 /WPV602/CRV602 UNS N06030 /WPHG30/CR HG30 UNS N06045 /WPV45TM/CRV45TM UNS N06059 /WP5923/CR5923
    UNS N06200 /WHC2000/CR HC2000 UNS N06230 /WPH230/CRH230 UNS N06455 /WPHC4/CR HC 4 UNS N06600 /WPNCI/CRNCI UNS N06603 /WP603GT/CR603GT
    UNS N06625 /WPNCMC/CRNCMC UNS N06985 /WPHG3/CR HG3 UNS N08020 /WP20CB/CR20CB UNS N08904 /WP904L/CR904L UNS N08031 /WP3127/CR3127
    UNS N08120 /WPH120/CRH120 UNS N08330 /WP330/CR330 UNS N08367 /WP6XN/CR6XN UNS N08800 /WPNIC/CRNIC UNS N08810 /WPNIC10/CRNIC10
    UNS N08811 /WPNIC11/CRNIC11 UNS N08825 /WPNICMC/CRNICMC UNS N08925 /WP1925/CR1925 UNS N08926 /WP1925N/CR1925N UNS N10001 /WPHB/CR HB
    UNS N10003 /WPHN/CR HN UNS N10276 /WPHC276/CR HC 276 UNS N10629 /WPVB4/CRVB4 UNS N10665 /WPHB-2/CR HB2 UNS N10675 /WPHB-3/CR HB3
    UNS N12160 /WPH160/CRH160 UNS R20033 /WP3033/CR3033 UNS R30556 /WPH556/CRH556

    Product Form
    ASME B16.9 Long Radius Elbows,Long Radius Reducing Elbows,Long Radius Returns,Short Radius Elbows,Short Radius 180-deg Rerurns,3D elbows,Straight Tees,Straight Crosses,Reducing Outlet Tees,Reducing Outlet Crosses,Lap Joint Stub Ends,Caps,Reducers
    ASME B16.28 Short Radius Elbows,Short Radius 180-deg Returns
    MSS SP43 Long Radius Elbows,Straight and Reducing-on-the-Outlet Tees,Lap Joint Stub ends,caps,long radius 180 Degree returns,concentric reducers,eccentric reducers
    Mss SP75 Long Radius Elbows,3R elbows,straight tees,reducing outlet tees,caps,reducers



    Material grade:


    Alloy C276/Hastelloy C276/UNS N10276/DIN 2.4819/Nickelvac HC-276/Inconel c276/Nicrofer 5716;
    Alloy C4/Hastelloy C4/UNS N06455/NS335/DIN2.4610;
    Alloy C22/Hastelloy C22/UNS N06022/DIN 2.4602/Inconel 22/Nicrofer 5621;
    Alloy C2000/Hastelloy C2000/UNS N06200/DIN 2.4675;
    Alloy B/Hastelloy B/NS321;
    Alloy B2/Hastelloy B2/UNS N10665/NS322/DIN 2.4617/Nimofer 6928;
    Alloy B3/Hastelloy B3/UNS N10675/DIN 2.4600;
    Alloy X/Hastelloy X/UNS N06002/DIN 2.4465/Nickelvac HX/Nicrofer 4722/Altemp HX/Inconel HX;
    Alloy G-30/HASTELLOY G-30/UNS N06030/DIN 2.4603;
    Alloy X-750/INCONEL X750/UNS


    N07750/GH145/DIN 2.4669/Haynes X750/Pyromet X750/Nickelvac


    X750/Nicrofer 7016;
    Alloy 20/Carpenter 20/20Cb-3/UNS N08020/NS312/DIN 2.4660;
    Alloy 31/UNS N08031/DIN 1.4562;
    Alloy 901/UNS N09901/DIN 1.4898;
    Incoloy25-6Mo/UNS N08926/DIN 1.4529;
    Inconel 783;
    Alloy AL-6XN/UNS N08367;
    Monel 30C;
    Alloy 36/UNS K93600;
    Invar 36/Nilo 36/Pernifer 36;
    Invar 42/Nilo 42/UNS K94200;
    Nitronic 40/UNS S21904;
    Nitronic 50/UNS S20910/XM-19;
    Nitronic 60/UNS S21800;
    Nimonic 75/UNS N06075;
    Nimonic 80A/UNS N07080;
    Nimonic 90/UNS N07090;
    Nimonic 263/UNS N07263;

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