Steels’ general properties advantages

Now steel is sustainable development material at present and in the future as its a variety of properties. Steel’s generality and adaptability embody itself various properties. (1)be suitable to cold-work and hot-work. (2) possess weldable; (3) be provided with hardness, ductility, abradability. (4) resistant corrosion; (5) resistant-corrosion; (6) heat-resistance; (7) good creep-resistance


The below facts prove that steel is playing important role in nowadays and future:

(1)  There are approximately 160 billion tons of crude ores available in the world, so iron-containing materials have a stable resource basic to be produced.

(2)  To compared with other materials, energy consumptions are much more less

(3)  Steel have a good environmentally friendlier property that can be recycling 100% in the process of producing, fabricating and using.

(4)  The required properties can be achieved by alloying and heat-forming or heat-treatment.

(5)  Steels are easily formed, welded, fabricated, so they have good adaptabilities.

(6)  A variety of steels are produced in efficient, economical, high-quality ways.

Post time: Nov-04-2016


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