The company has vacuum smelting, non-vacuum smelting, centrifugal casting, pulverizing by gas atomization and water atomization, horizontal continuous casting, forging, heat treatment and other production lines advanced in the industry, and has international advanced technology and complete inspection means to produce cobalt base alloy, nickel base alloy,super duplex stainless steel and ferrous alloy rods,slabs,billets,bars,welding wires, built-up electrode, precision casting, deforming alloy products, spring, pipe fittings and welding equipment. We form materials in shape of seamless pipes,tubes,welded tubings,buttweld fittings,forgings,forged flanges.

The products are used in the industries of car, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, valves, nuclear power and other industries. The products are recognized widely by international and domestic well-known enterprises, such as, General Electric (GE), Fisher, Teko, Flowserve, Velan, KSB, Neway, Sufa, Kingdream, Mahle Tri-Ring, Ji'nan Worldwide and others

Producing Equipment

vaccum induction furnace.jpg

  1000kgs vaccum induction furance.jpg 3tons air forging hammer .jpg

200Kgs  Vacuum Induction furnance     1000Kgs Vacuum Induction furnace      Antivacuum medium frequency introduction furance


Vacuum induction furnance : 25KG50KG200KG1000KG total 12sets;

Medium frequency induction furnace : 100KG250KG500KG1000KG2000KG3000KG ,total 15 sets ;

Verticle type centrifugal casting machine, total three sets ;

Horizontal centrifugal casting machine , total two sets ;

Heat treament equipments ,total five sets.

There are many kinds of casting machines for different castings, including:12 sets of vacuum induction furnaces in 25KG, 50KG, 200KG, 1000KG; 15 sets of medium frequency induction furnaces in 100KG, 250KG, 500KG,1000KG, 2000KG and 3000KG; 3 sets of vertical centrifugal casting
machines; 2 sets of horizontal centrifugal casting machines; 5 sets of heat treatment machines.


3tons air forging hammer .jpg  Natural gas forge furnace.jpg  Forging teleoperator.jpg

3tons air forging hammer                         Natural gas forge furnace                      Forging teleoperator


Cold  pilgers.jpg  Cold drawn benches.jpg  Bright annealing furnace.jpg

Cold  pilgers                                          Cold drawn benches                         Bright annealing furnace


straightener.jpg  Natural gas annealing furnace.png  U-bending facilities.jpg

Straightener                                            Natural gas annealing furnace             U-bending facilities



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