Corrosion Resistant Alloy tubing & casing

Corrosion Resistant Alloy tubing & casing :

Along with the growth of demand for clean energy, such as natural gas, easy oil and gas resources have constantly reduced, we have to develop oil and gas resources in some complicated geological structure, high temperature and high pressure environment, or those resources which contain high CO2 and H2S ,CI-corrosion, anticorrosion tubing and casing are mainly used in mining and developing of these oil and gas field.


Type of produces:

Seamless pipe / tube


Standards Reference:

American standard: ISO13680, ISO15156, technical agreement, enterprise standards;

Chinese standard: GB/T 23802, GB/T 20972 , agreement, enterprise standards, etc.


Grade List:



Austenitic Fe Base

27-31-4(UNS N08028)

25-32-3(UNS N08535)

22-35-4(UNS N08135)

Austenitic Ni Base

21-42-3(UNS N08825)

22-50-7(UNS N06985)

20-54-9(UNS N06625)